Thanks for all the fish

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I am thankful for you. I recieved three emails in the past month telling me how incredible the people at XCF are. The first was from a nube who was shocked by how nice everyone was on their first day in the gym. It was borderline unnerving because in the previous ten years of infrequent gym going they had never met a single person other than the rep who signed them up. The second was from an out of towner who has been a member of a CrossFit gym for a year and she said “No one in my home gym is ever that nice. You guys are super cool. Can you move to Connecticut? Oh and what the heck is that skinny girl with the pull ups and the abs eating? I want some.” The third was from our newest athlete mentor and trainer in training Emily Shubin. “…after spending a week at Xplore I have realized that I have a LOT of work to do on my Crossfitting abilities. It’s funny, I always assumed that Northwest Crossfit had some of the fittest people since the workouts each day are crazy and are designed to beat the crap out of you. I do the WODs at the prescribed weights and am one of the faster females there, but have come to see that that doesn’t mean much. After going to your gym, I have realized that my Crossfit skills and fitness level leave a lot to be desired…

…I really think that whatever you’re doing with your clients is awesome and is working, since everyone I’ve met so far is insanely fit and even the ones who are older and look like they aren’t in good shape are still in absurdly good shape and can likely lift more than I can! I would like to keep coming to Xplore”

You guys are such BADASSES. I am so thankful that I get to work with such an amazing group of folks everyday. I am thankful that people in our community have stepped up so I can get away from the gym from time to time. I am thankful that I get emails like the ones I mentioned and there are plenty more. I am thankful for the healthy babies that were born to 5 of our ladies this past year and excited for the one that is coming in DECEMBER. I am thankful for 3 first place wins for XCF athletes this year.

Keeping kicking ass. You guys are truly the best.

3 Comments on “Thanks for all the fish”

  1. To Jordan and all the XCF community….when I moved up here in July I never thought I’d be able to find another crossfit community that I would feel a part of like the one I left behind in California. I quickly learned that I was very wrong. JHo, Pete, Jodi and Chris and the members I’ve met have not only made me feel welcome, but have pushed me to new levels…I never thought I’d be able to do these things at this stage in my life, and you continue to push and help me go farther. I only wish I could get to more classes each week. I am thankful this year to have found two new homes….Seattle and XCF!!!

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  3. Note to self: do not submit anything to Jordan in writing. Just kidding. But honestly, I just wanted to say thanks for everyone being so welcoming these past couple weeks. It really is an awesome group of (seriously badass) people and a community you don’t often find. I probably knew all of two people at my other Crossfit gym so this has been a really nice change of pace šŸ™‚

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