Tell me more that I can ignore

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Everyday we are getting advice on how to get stuff done. Whatever our stuff is someone has a suggestion about how we should handle it. Lots of good ideas are coming in all of the time. Sometimes there are so many ideas coming in that we stop accepting them knowing full well we are probably rejecting some good stuff. What are you doing with all of this good stuff? How many more people do you need to tell you before you actually do it? Stop asking for advice that has already been given. Stop asking for help that has already been offered. Do something. Do anything other than what you are doing if it isn’t giving you what you want. Remember that time when you wished you didn’t do that thing because you knew it was going to turn out that certain way? You had that feeling or somebody tried to tell you and you just resorted to what you knew. I am not saying that different is better. I am saying if what you are doing isn’t working AND you have opportunity to do otherwise than stop making excuses and go for it.

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