Taste the happy Michael

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I am sure you have all heard the news by now and you are having a hard time putting your feelings into words. This month marks the end of one of the greatest eras in the history of XCF. In just a few days we will be losing one of our favorite people. Childless
JHo will be no more. That’s right kids. I will be a father which means I will be forever changed. I am sure some of you thought this was going to be some sad sappy post about Irvine and you are WRONG! I am over that. I want to take about me for a change. If you want to air grievances about Irvine then you can come to the final I Hate CI meeting this Friday at my house at 7pm. There will be punch and pie.

Truth is I am working on that sad sappy CI post and it will be up later today. We are taking a short break from the regional recap in order to celebrate our hero. I just needed to take a break from crying on my keyboard so I thought I would put up this nonsense to prep you for what promises to be my finest blog post ever. If after reading it you don’t have to leave work to go home and process your emotions than you just might be a robot.

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