Take it like a man

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Monday is a holiday. I don’t know which one it is but it seems like we should take some time to reflect on how good things are here in America. We have a reduced schedule tomorrow. There will be class at 6, 7, and 4 only. I know it will be hard on you but it is for the best. I encourage you to go out and make a new black friend in honor of black history month. If that seems like too much work you should call up Fojo (253) 332-5108 or Richard (765) 532-6114 and take them out for a drink or a cheese burger. Brothers need love too. Things are back to normal on Tuesday.

5 Comments on “Take it like a man”

  1. if you google jHo on foJo, something about a wedding pops up instead of this master work and i think someone should do something about that.

    if you google hot black men, however, the options are way better…

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