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It has been said that people are more likely to buy painkillers than vitamins. Exercise can be viewed and trained as a preventative, performance enhancing, shared suffering, as well as many other things. How do you view what happens at XCF? How do you relate it to someone else? Are we a vitamin or a pain killer. I think it depends on the person. People see what we do and many of them think we are crazy. Maybe we are. There is definitely some crazy stuff that goes on in here. There are certainly some crazy people in this place. I love the stuff we do and the people we do it with but I can’t figure out how to get EVERYONE to love them. Is the perception of pain greater than the actual pain that we go through? Is the reward bigger than one can conceive without having experienced it? I think the perception is worse and the reward is indeed greater which means we have two mountains to climb. We have to convince those around us who need to make a change that not only is it not as bad as they think but the benefits are greater than they can imagine. Tough sell but people have too much to lose by not doing something so we can’t stop trying. Vitamin or painkiller. If you don’t take one you may well need the other. I think this is both. The difference is when you decide to start. I think doing this before the wheels start to fall off is the better option. If the wheels have already fallen off you can still come see us. Tim is a specialist at fixing the broken pieces.

If looking at the above picture didn’t make it blatantly obvious the “I Hate CI” club is being restructured and will be restarting this spring as the “I Hate CI and Tim” Club. It isn’t that I dislike people who are better than me at everything. I hate it when they are two or 3 times as good as me at everything.

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