Sugar simple

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Folks come into the gym super motivated for change and they want to know every single thing they can possibly do to facilitate change. What should I eat? Should I train twice a day? Cardio in the morning? Carbs or no carbs? Is caffeine bad? Have you heard of stevia? What about quinoa, is it a grain? Can I drink juice? Is yoga good for you? The more stuff folks try to cram in right out of the gate the more they are prone to fail. In the pursuit of fitness much like in other parts of life “more” isn’t always more. A little everyday is better than a whole lot just some of the time. Start with a single thing with a major impact and nail it. Get lots of wins under your belt. Success begets success. After you are crushing it in an area or two start to expand. Maybe you can start to make sweeping changes to your life after a bit but there is a reason you came to XCF and I imagine it wasn’t because you were kicking so much ass at your other gym you got kicked out. It is more likely that no asses were being kicked and the only ass that really matters to you isn’t making you happy. Consistency is the answer. Stay the course and change will happen. It will not happen overnight but it is coming.

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