Stronger is the new strong

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Dear WOD journal,

Why is every single person at XCF so effing strong? It be nice if I was at a gym where I was always the best instead of training at a place where I am amazing every day but I still feel like I just blend into the crowd.

More soon,


We have all been there at some point. We work so hard and kick so much ass but it seems like we are always in the middle of the pack. It can be frustrating at times but it often is one of the reasons we excel so much as a community. Everyone is always doing their best so we all continue to do our best. You may always be second place or second to last but rest assured that first place and last place are working hard to stay ahead and get ahead respectively so while it may not feel like it you are doing great. Today we destroyed some back squats. PR’s all over the place and some very impressive numbers. Several ladies inching up on 200#. A few men inching up on 400#. Some folks are inching up on a good air squat. I don’t care where you are starting or where you are trying to get we just want to see better. Awesome job today.

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