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Paleo, Zone, IF, and the grapefruit diet all have the similar characteristic of making the people who are following them feel pretty good almost all of the time. So good in fact it makes little sense why one wouldn’t follow one of them. I hear lots of reasons why people don’t stick to the plan but the logic is not very cogent. Time is a big deal for most people. Eating well takes time. That is true. It takes some planning, shopping, preparation, and patience. The alternative though leaves you feeling tired, weak, fat, or sick often enough that the time piece can be accounted for in a life of poor eating as well. I would wager that you would be more productive if you weren’t be bogged down by the ill affects of poor eating. Nothing is free and there is a cost to crappy eating. It is cheap on the front end but what are the long term considerations? We have seen lots of stats on the lifelong cost of being eating poorly especially if we carry unnecessary amounts of body fat. Long term costs and benefits clearly aren’t strong enough or more people would eat better, avoid credit card debt, and save for retirement. It seems like folks are making a daily choice not to look, feel, or perform optimally. Many people don’t even know what it feels like to feel good. They think they feel good but they have no frame of reference. I can understand a little better why someone who has never felt the awesomeness of a good nutritional prescription would be hard pressed to change. Moving to paleo from a standard western diet is not easy. In fact it is almost scary.
I am very surprised by the folks who have done it though and then switch back. They talk about how good they felt, how differently their clothes fit, their sleeping was better and on and on,  but for some reason they reverted to a way of eating that removed all of those things and took them back to where they started if not slightly worse off. I don’t consider the folks who have never experienced the benefits of paleo as people who are making a bad choice. They have only ever lived in Seattle and that is all that they know. They understand that there are other places to live, but thi is their home and home is comfortable. The folks who have been to southern California should know better. They know there are cities WAY better than Seattle and for that reason they are intentionally choosing a life that is than they deserve.

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