Starts with “P” and ends with “ractice”

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I spent the last two days down in California in the middle of nowhere with a group of excellent trainers who were all trying to be the best at what they do. Two 8-hour days of peer coaching with constant feedback on seeing, correcting, timing, and even presence. I am pretty good at this job but there is always room for improvement. I decided to go in humbly and ready to recieve anything anyone wanted to give me with an open mind and a gracious attitude. I failed. I didn’t know how badly I was failing until midway through the second day. As one the instructors is tearing apart my last coaching demonstration, which frankly was a bit surprising because it was absolutely perfect, I realized that my head AND heart were in the wrong place. The reason her critique was so cutting was that I went in with the wrong attitude. I didn’t realize it but I went there to find out just how much better of a trainer I was than most if not all of my peers. What I found out was that I am good and if I want to be truly great I am in a race with only myself and that there is never enough practice. In fact as I was receiving feedback during every breakout session I couldn’t help thinking how much what they were saying to me sounded exactly what I say to my athletes. When did I stop thinking that I had room to improve? Constant, steady, improvement should always be the goal. As my man CI says, “there is no best, there is just better, and better, and better.” Practice is never the thing we used to do if we truly want to be a master of something. Lesson learned. Again.

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