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“Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists.”

Thomas Friedman

I don’t know how true that statement actually is but I like it. I would wager that if the notion were truly measurable world changes by optimists would outweigh world changes by pessimists. I believe that Seattle can be a different place by helping people to achieve a little more through a lifestyle that is inclusive of a grounded and thoughtful fitness program. I used to use the phrase “fitness centered lifestyle” a lot but then I realized how unrealistic that notion was. I see folks for 1 hour a day, several times per week. Even if we count the extra sleep that I want you to get and the extra money and time you spend on quality food as a portion of your “fitness program” it can hardly be considered the center. And if it truly was at the center I think we would need to have a different conversation. I think it should just be on the list.  The daily list and close to the top where you put the things that you really want to get done. I think helping folks make it a high priority is one of the ways that we can make our whole city better. How cool would it be if everyone in Seattle knew how much they could back squat and what their 1000m row time was? I want every woman in this town to do an unassisted pull up and I want every dude to squat ass to ankles without making a face like they are getting stabbed in the anus. We are definitely going to make a big dent in the fitness culture of the northwest and I am proud of the work we have done already. Homework: Get someone you know to pick up something heavy.

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