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I have read a lot of food journals that made me sad inside. The most depressing journals generally come from the parents of small children. Meals that consisted of “the crust from Emery’s grill cheese sandwich, 4 goldfish crackers, and a sip of a Capri Sun” or “the dessert from a Lunchable with some mustard.” I vowed to never be reduced to that. When I was much more foolish I said as such and I was often met with a derisive look that told me to shut my mouth until I had children of my own. Now that I have them I feel free to weigh in on the subject but the full brunt of that barrage is food for another post. The only reason I bring up the kid thing is that what I discovered serendipitously worked out well for solving one of those kid food problems. I recently read about a new bar company called Epic. The name is horrible for lots of reasons and at first glance their product offering isn’t going to inspire you. I on the other hand take after my children and I am ever the oral explorer. In fact most things can’t be trusted until I put them in my mouth.


The Epic brand bar seemed like a solution to so many of my problems. Packaged, organic, portable, storable meat snacks formed from a variety of our bucolic friends. As we all know the best food used to have a mom and a face. I ordered the variety pack as soon as I knew it was a thing and I eagerly awaited my Larabar obviating turkey, beef, and bison bars. That’s right kids. BISON BAR! I will give Epic points for packaging and product aim. They definitely lose some points for aesthetics of the actual bar. It looks a little too much like the halfway point of ground beef you shaped into a log instead of a circle because you only had hotdog buns and some emulsified cat food. That being said the addition of dried fruit to the bar was surprisingly pleasant.


The home run though was the fact that Charlie got down on that thing like it was her last meal. It helped that we hadn’t fed her in like 40 hours leading up to the taste test. It wasn’t intentional. We just get caught up with the new one. I hear it is pretty common.


Long story short we now have even less reason to buy lame snacks at the Woodland Park Zoo. We can eat animals while we are looking at animals. That is a mind-blowing conversation just rife with philosophical opportunities for a two year old.

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