Something’s gotta give

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I have referenced the book “The Fighter’s Mind” a few times but I was flipping through it today and looking at the things I highlighted and something jumped out at me today.
“It can’t always get worse.”
An athlete in the book was talking about training and to that place you can go in your head in the midst of your suffering. You start to have a conversation with yourself about how more you can take. How much longer you can hang on. How much worse it is inevitably going to get. The truth stands though that there is a light. It may be far, and it may be small but it is there. It is always there. Push on. It will get better. Your heart rate will come down. The burn will subside. For some there is even fear. It too shall pass and when it does you will be stronger. Not only stronger but wiser. You will know something about yourself that you didn’t before. It has been said that the path to fitness lies at the margins of our experience. It is by venturing into those places that we don’t think we can endure and then enduring them that some of our finest work is accomplished.
Right now I am in the midst of personal changes that are challenging on every front. I am hopeful for the future. More than hopeful I am expectant. On this side it can seem bleak and discouraging. I must remember though that it can’t always get worse.
I want to speak to the fear piece though. I know for me the challenge isn’t just that it will get better. What if better isn’t good enough? What if at the end of the suffering all we have is a lack of suffering? What if we don’t achieve greatness? I don’t want to suffer to just get what I had before with a life lesson thrown in. I want amazing. I want better than I ever could have imagined. Maybe I should have settled for good enough. Maybe I should skip the pain if the reward is uncertain. I won’t though. Good enough isn’t good enough. Good enough means no one is getting my best. I will choose the hard road with the uncertain outcome and risk much EXPECTING, not just hoping, for better than ever. I want more and better for me. I want more and better for you. First there will be a little suffering. That is ok. I am in your corner. You are in my corner. That is the beauty of community. We are not in this alone. When we are in the depths of it and we don’t think we can go any further two things are true. It can’t always get worse, and you aren’t in this thing alone.
Get better with me.

5 Comments on “Something’s gotta give”

    1. I’m in your corner too Stroh, shouting at you, calling you a pansie, with the best intentions, as a friend

      1. Im with Jack T, Stroh. It’s time you stepped out of the dark shadows of that dtown Seattle park n ride. Look forward to having you back.

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