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Many of us want to accomplish big things. Big career stuff, big goals for our families, incredible feats of strength, or maybe just finally man up and go into a taco bell and try the cooler ranch Dorrito shell taco. The taco is totally worth it by the way. Whatever those BHAGs are you probably won’t knock them out tomorrow. It most likely won’t be next week either. I am certain there are a few steps you haven’t taken yet and therefore neither you or I are surprised. We aren’t upset either. We have a realistic expectation. That is a good thing. I find in the gym though that lofty goals and realistic expectations don’t often come in the same package. We have much more of a “well she is doing it and I am certain I am at least as ____ as her so I should be able to do it.” Don’t worry about her. “She” has been practicing for 2 hours a night in her basement for all you know and you are witnessing the culmination of thousands of hours of effort. It came 1 piece at a time for her just like it will for you if you learn to take it one step at a time. Maybe even shorten your steps up a bit. Consider each step a win. It is. You are closer to your goal than ever before. Whatever it is and no matter how far away it really is you can keep inching towards and if we start to compare our progress in terms of geologic time than maybe we can stop feeling so bad about how long it takes us to get anywhere. Break those lofty goals into bite size chunks and get to work. And ignore whatever “she” is doing except to see just how ______ you can possibly get.

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