Since you aren’t working anyway

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There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season. First of all you train at XCF which is actually about 7 things rolled into one extremely awesome thing. The second is that you probably work for a company that gives you vacation time so you can go and visit your family. This brings me back to the first thing which I said earlier was actually seven things. One of those seven things is that your two favorite trainers are so committed to you achieving your results they might just visit you at work. It may also be the case that if you are away from your desk, on a well deserved vacation, they may strip down and take fun photos while messing with your things. This may all be captured via cell phone cam by one of your co-workers. The other six things that make up the first thing will take too long to list but since you are a member of XCF you know exactly what they are. The most incredbile thing though is the fact that lifting shoes are on sale. That’s right folks. You read it here first. The Ironwork 3 by Adidas (best lifting shoes) is over 30 percent off. You have to get a pair. That is almost cheap enough to justify a back up pair if you already have them. Call Todd at Dynamic Fitness right now and order some. His number is (253)-862-8820. If you don’t know your size try on a few pairs at the gym. The owners of the shoes will get over it. They will be glad you finally joined the club. They have lot’s of sizes left but they won’t for long. Get on it and be thankful that your trainer is looking out for your best interest. I won’t quit until each of your have a 500 pound ass. Before you get upset I am referring to deadlift capacity. A free pass on your next set of penalty burpees if you can guess whose desk we are violating. If you work for the same company as this person you are disqualified.

4 Comments on “Since you aren’t working anyway”

  1. All I have to say is…….thank goodness my “office visit” went off a little more smoothly than this, especially considering I also was not there when you boys visited. I have four more boxes of medical supplies to donate to your African project, but I think I will find a way to cart them in via the bus.

    Btw, my guess would be Clancy or Leslie’s office, since the desk is a little girly and I know they work close by.

  2. This post is…. awesome. Read the signs people, those are United Way campaign brochures on the desk – right across from XCF. Re the shoes… my little girl feet size is gone now. I’m really hoping my wife took my holiday wish and URL seriously when they were there…. I’ve been a real good boy 🙂

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