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This dude walks into the gym the other day and says he wants to use the rings for a minute to show off for some girl he was with. I made him fill out a waiver of course and told him to have at it. He was talking a big game and he was either going to blow my mind or break his neck. Either way it was going to be awesome so it needed to be captured on video. He did not in fact break his neck and while he may not be bound for London it was still pretty sweet. It was a nice reminder how great people can be at stuff. We do “gymnastics” in CrossFit and it pretty much ends with a few pull ups, a muscle up or two and some handstand walking. There are people out there though that are approaching the limits of human capacity in terms of manipulating the body through strength, balance, and power. 2 days until I am walking around with a perpetual O face. I might have to take 16 days off of work just so I can sit in front of my computer and watch every single event. Many of you have never watched Olympic weightlifting before but since you are initiated now I hope you will watch a little of it to get a glimpse of how fast, beautiful, and powerful the clean and jerk and snatch can be.

6 Comments on “Show me off”

  1. Clearly everyone at the gym who does muscle-ups without a reverse pike somersault and L-sit isn’t giving it 100%.

    1. I wasn’t going to be the first one to say it. Thanks for your honesty. We will all become better athletes because of people like you.

  2. That’s my cousin’s son. She just put this on her Facebook. He’s pretty buff. I don’t think I’ve seen him since he was in diapers.

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