She must be doing it wrong

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Now that we are getting strong in a new location we are getting lots of walk by traffic and with walk by traffic comes lots of questions. People want to know why the music is so loud, why people are running around the block, if people actually climb the ropes. The last one happens at least twice per week and I don’t get it. Why would they be there if we didn’t climb them? I think it is because they can’t invasion themselves climbing the rope and if they believe that no one can than maybe they aren’t as weak as they thought. Two things are true. Everyone can and WILL climb the rope eventually and when you first encounter CrossFit you are not as weak as you though. You are weaker. That is awesome though. There is so much room to grow and every milestone is that much more incredible. I am not talking about first muscle ups and handstand walking. I am talking about just hanging from the bar for more than a few seconds. I am talking about squatting all the way down without pain. These things are life changing. Sure a 400 pound deadlift is pretty sweet but what about someone who hasn’t been able to touch their toes or carry their own groceries into the house for years and finally being free to move and live as they choose. These are the reasons to face your fears. These are the reasons to put up with GT’s jacked and tan physique and Blaze’s helmet hair. Everyone can and should learn to move better and CrossFit provides a recipe for better movement no matter how broken or run down you are when you walk in the door. Fear is acceptable as long as you try.

I want to also welcome Angela. She is one of our newest members and she has faced her fear five consecutive class days in a row. I love her work ethic and to quote KD after he worked out with her the first time. “That new girl is cool as shit!” Well said man. She always seems happy to be here no matter how much suffering is taking place. Maybe she is doing it wrong. Maybe she is doing something right and we need to take a leaf out of her book.

3 Comments on “She must be doing it wrong”

  1. Like all things, when you’re taking care of the chores, good thinks just come about, now I’m no nostradomus, but I think theres a correlation between the babes starting to flock and the bustin’ biceps that are just stating to shine through the cracks on Western, Do good work, chicks will dig, I’m out when the sun rises, but dont count me out, not till it hits the olympics to the west, onward, upward, tally ho , but I’m still creepin on you Ted. get at your boy.

  2. GT- That was so…. uh, elegant? Mark my words- heard it hear first: Angela will be one of the best athletes in the gym by this time next year.

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