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How cool is this picture of some dude who dropped in to do a sectional wod two weeks ago?

Lots of cool things and one not so cool thing are happening at XCF. The coolest thing is that the team of 12 athletes that is representing our gym in the CrossFit Games open sectionals this year is kicking some serious ass in our region. We are coming up on the third week of a six week competition and it looks like we are on our way to the Northwest regionals in June.

In other news we are still making people strong. Susannah Carr has tripled her push ups since starting and she is only hours if not minutes away from getting a pull up. Rob is almost as fast and strong as he was before he had his third kid. I was down in Palm Springs this weekend for Ben’s wedding and I think I got nearly as many compliments as he did on his transformation. I was seated at a table with four other trainers and we were seconds away from having a push up contest.

The sad news of the day is that we are dropping the 6am class. It was fun while it lasted. We will be adding one advanced class on Fridays at 6am in the very near future. For the advanced class you need  three strict pull ups and ring dips,  35 consecutive double unders, 20 burpees in 1 minute, and 65/45k OHS for 5 reps.

To recap, XCF Competition is awesome, Susannah is more awesome that she used to be, Rob is almost as awesome as he used to be. NO MORE 6AM GROUP CLASSES!

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