Say no to intestinal parasites

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Dave needs our help. Dave is helping Nicaraguans but there are a crap ton of them so he can’t do it by himself. He has recruited some students from SPU to help him with his next project but that still isn’t enough. That is why he needs us. It turns out that a lot of the water down there has poop in it or something and when people drink it they get sick and or die. Dave doesn’t like it when the villagers get sick and die. Mostly because it means there are now kids without dads and such but also because he spent all this time teaching them how to be awesome that when they drop dead on him it makes him feel defeated. So here is what they are going to do. Riley and a few of his classmates are raising funds to buy a bunch of fancy walter filtration systems and then they are flying south with them to install them in some village full of poor brown people. I guess brown poor people sounds better because it isn’t sad that they are brown it is sad that they are poor. Anyhow Riley’s cohorts are hosting a benefit at the Q-Cafe pretty soon. You can buy tickets on brown paper tickets. You can just bring a bag of cash to the gym and I will get it to the right place. There are only two reasons you don’t want to help and both are acceptable.

A. Riley’s massive comic book chin makes you uncomfortable.

B. You love America so much you have no room left in your heart for foreigners.

To answer your next question it is “yes” you can choose A and B. Anyhow I hope you find a way to participate. XCF is allocating some of our 5% funds to this project. We believe almost everyone should have clean drinking water.

Event Details:

Saturday August 13th @ Qcafe | 3223 15th Ave W Seattle 98118
$15 On-line Pre-sale | 100% of proceeds go towards the purchase of pure water filtration technology for the families of Matagalpa Nicaragua
$20 @ the door | 100% of proceeds go towards the purchase of pure water filtration technology for the families of Matagalpa Nicaragua
Project Details:

G2G Pure Water Nicaragua is built on the simple principle of “change not charity”.  It’s the idea that empowerment and sustainable change are far better than band-aid solutions given without consideration for the long-term effects on the community.  With the partnership & sponsorship of 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Amos Health & Hope, we plan to send a team of 8 to 10 men down to the department of Matagalpa, Nicaragua to help facilitate the installation of biosand water filters in communities that lack clean water.

With a goal of raising 12k US Dollars, 100% of funding will go directly towards the purchase of biosand filters (BSF), along with community accompaniment and follow up.  Each filter costs $60 dollars US  Divide that amount by 12k this project will provide pure water to over 200 village homes in Nicaragua.

The biosand filter is an adaptation of the traditional slow sand filter, which has been used for community water treatment for almost 200 years.  As of June 2009, over 200,000 biosand filters have been implemented in over 70 countries.  These filters offer effective, high output (40L per day) and can last up to 10 years.

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  1. Being that I am now the host of a few uninvited guests of my own, I know the importance of clean living through filtered H2O. Put me down for a few bucks. I’ll repay you when I’m back in the real world.

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