Runners(ugh) wanted

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Mr. Hancock just sent me some sweet info that I thought I would pass along to you guys. He has a friend his is on a team developing a new sports watch and they need product testers. They are paying folks to run. How awesome/awful is that?! Bonus for the first one it is right in our neighborhood. Here are the details.

Monday – March 14th

Location: downtown Seattle

Run length (2 runs of 1.5 miles) – 3 miles total

Slots available every 20 minutes 10:20 & 10:40am and 11:20-12pm and 1:40-4pm)

$25 cash payment

Tuesday – March 15th

Location: along I-90

Run length (3 runs of 1.5 miles) – 4.5 miles total

Slots available every 20 minutes 12pm-12:40pm and 1:20-2:40 and 3:20-3:40

$50 cash payment

You can do one study. Or both for $75. 🙂 Tell them to message me via FB or email to sign up.

To sign up, I will need to know:
Phone number
Which course(s) you want to do.
Time slots (send top 3 in case it’s been taken)


Thank you for your help!



Get in contact with this generous dame if you are interested. I am totally down.

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