Run a little. Row a lot?

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What’s you mile time? It is hard to test at XCF because we have the 3rd worst run route of any CrossFit gym I have ever visited.  It is a great test though. It is easy, free, measurable, observable, and repeatable. It has all the markings of a wonderful fitness test. Last months 2 part August Challenge was such a hit I have decided to do something even more incredible to advance the already advanced state of readiness of the XCF athletes. Along with a 15k row this month we are going to…I am just kidding. We aren’t going to do something in addition to the 15k row. That would be ridiculous. I am not feeling the love yet.  Fine. That was a lie. We aren’t rowing 15,000 meters. Well at least not everyone. The September challenge is a 1 mile run. Do it anywhere you want. Do it this weekend and put your time on the board on Monday. Feel free to run many more miles if you are so inclined but I am interested in 1 isolated mile at 100% effort. We will revisit it again in the near future and I am psyched for the results. I am doing mine this afternoon and I am shooting for a sub 6. That would be a lifetime PR and I may quit CrossFitting after that. I am pretty sure a 5:58 would make me the fastest man alive. Don’t bother looking it up. It sounds right.

3 Comments on “Run a little. Row a lot?”

  1. I did my run yesterday with Pete. I failed to hit my target but my personal bar has been set. 6:02. It is a PR so that is a win. I am putting my year end goal out there at sub 5:30.

    While everyone knows that the Jendro’s are not known for the swiftness of foot Pete still crushed the run. 7:10. I am not sure but I believe that is a 3 or 4 min PR.

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