Rainier’s Strongest Man

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Saturday KD and I competed at the 7th annual Rainier’s Strongest Man and Woman event down in Sumner. It is a fundraiser for Fraxa and it is one of the most fun competitions in the Northwest. Kurtis and Laurie Bowler from Rainier CrossFit really know how to throw a party that includes lifting heavy stuff.

I love watching XCF athletes throw their hat in the ring. I don’t care if they aren’t capable of doing a single unassisted pull up. Just getting out there shows such incredible courage and also adds another dimension to your training. RSM 7 was a single day 3 event throw down with 3 weight classes for men and 2 for women. KD and I were both in the middle weight class. KD had to spend the first hour of the day rowing in a sweatshirt to try and make weight. He may also have had to weigh in naked.

Once the show was underway though he was a force to be reckoned with. He rocked the axle deads and burpees. His first yolk walk ever just so happened to be the 500# one in event 2. Beast! Check out the video to see him crushing event 3 as well. I encourage everyone to choose something to test their mettle in. Local CrossFit competitions are just one of the ways. They also happen to be my favorite way.

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