Balls will help

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Clancy and Matt are doing such good work on their pec minor it gets me a little choked up looking at this photo. Yesterday started our 90 days of purposive eating, lifting, and living. There are lots of awesome goals up on the dream board and I am excited to see what things people achieve over the next 89 days. The idea was to pick a few small ways we can start working towards dramatic change. I was surprised and pleased to see so many people with sleep goals on the board. It is such a huge part of getting stronger but it is also a huge part of just feeling good. I was talking to CI the other day about the potential disconnect between wellness and fitness on a short timeline. As we define fitness is simply getting lots done in any time domain regardless of the skill. Someone can achieve relatively high levels of fitness and still have markers for disease or disfunction that may or may not effect them on a very short timeline. Sleep is one of those things that will catch up to you sooner or later. Many of us don’t even know what good sleep feels like because we have never had it. This idea carries over into lots of areas. What does strong feel like? What does flexible feel like? You may not be pursuing something because you don’t know that it is worth pursuing. There may be things holding you back that you are unaware of because they have always been with you. Flexibility is a great example. You may have never been able to touch your toes and your back has always hurt. You might see these as two distinct things but they are probably related. You may always skip breakfast and your energy crashes in the afternoon. You might attribute to complex carbs or caffeine and it very well may be but then again you may not be starting your day off right. If the first step is the wrong step it could be that every one after that is also wrong and by fixing step 10 we won’t be addressing our root problem. I encourage you over the next 89 days to pay attention to the effects of the changes we are implementing. It is possible that a deeper issue may be revealed. Drink more water, get more sleep, stretch everyday, face people fearlessly, and of course get strong.

4 Comments on “Balls will help”

  1. This looks like CrossFit Confessional:

    Erin: “Father Matt, you will never believe what I did last night”
    Matt: “Erin, is this in addition to the thing you told me about yesterday?”
    Erin: “Dammit, Father! Don’t be so judgemental! Well, it started with………

  2. …the move of my office at work over the weekend. It was
    dark and no one was around and I just couldn’t help myself! Please
    forgive me!

  3. E:……… hiding my green converse amongst the kettle bells.

    M: What!!??? You know how I feel about that! Please do 260 burbees in repentance.

  4. Friday January 28, 2011 4pm This is a buffet of wisdom, giving me insights to chew on over the weekend. I like it.

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