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Picked a sweet video from CI  recently and I wanted to share it. It isn’t a perfect correlate to what we are doing in here but I think there is some valuable stuff. A comment was made in the gym the other day about whether or not this was a safe space. Someone said things get really uncomfortable. I agreed. They said well that isn’t safe. I disagreed and here is why. Things get incredibly uncomfortable in here. That is on purpose. This space and everything in it is about getting comfortable with uncomfortable. We are striving to get into the sweet spot. Daniel Coyle describes it as “that productive, uncomfortable terrain located just beyond our current abilities, where our reach exceeds our grasp.” That is a scary place to be. The reason why I think this place is safe is because it is where you come and reach. You can reach over and over and over and everyone here is behind you waiting and ready to cheer for your success. We are united in the singular mission of better. Better happens in that scary place. It is the edge of the cliff. You are on the high dive and you keep walking up to the edge and turning and around and going back to the edge and you finally take the leap and we are here waiting for you to come to the surface so we can tell you that we always knew you could. We were just waiting for you to know it too. This is a safe place because everyone gets to go to the edge, wherever that edge is for them, and take that leap. That big scary leap and failing doesn’t make you a loser or less than. Failure is just the trailer before that really awesome movie Success. Have you seen it yet? This place is safe because the people here make it so. I am grateful for the courageous people that come in here everyday and contribute to the safe space allowing folks to get comfortable with uncomfortable.

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