Pipe successfully hit

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One of the keys to success in athletic pursuits is staying cool under pressure. I excel at this. The other part is kicking ass all of the time. I have yet to perfect this part. The final event at the event this weekend involved 30 back squats at 225#, sled pulls, and db burpees. Now you know why I had to take a moment to collect my thoughts. This is my best attempt at keepin’ it cool. I think I nailed it.

Thanks to the folks who came out to support this weekend. It is always nice to get a little love from my  home team. 4 events in one day is quite a haul. 12th in event one was a painful surprise but 1st on the next 2 events was extremely motivating. 2nd place on the final workout put me in ties for second which led to a 5th tie breaker event. Anyone who knows me will know exactly how I felt about the tie breaker when it was announced. FARMER CARRY RACE! I won that and locked in my 2nd place overall finish. I will get it right next year.

If you are looking for another chance to shout at people lifting heavy stuff then come out to Gasworks park this Sunday for WODfest. We have a team competing as well as a few individuals. We will probably win at least two categories. We don’t even have a woman entered in the individual ladies division but knowing how strong our girls are I wouldn’t be surprised if we  won that side as well.

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