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I have some lofty goals for the gym this year. There will be some very cool things happening in the upcoming months that will be meaningful to everyone here. There will also be some changes that no one will care about but me. Everything I am working on comes from the “list.” The list is long. I may never get to the end of it. In fact I am sure I will never get to the end of it because every time I talk to Grady I add more stuff to the list than I have checked off of the list. While my general list is long and daunting there is a shorter more critical list. It is the list of stuff that I am going to get done. It is the list of things that I consider essential. I need the it so that I don’t let what is most urgent derail me from attending to what is most important. You should make a list of your own. Define those things that you not only want or need to do but that you are absolutely going to do. Don’t just keep it in your head. Write it down. Refer to it often. Get things done this year that makes your proud of what you have done as well as optimistic about what’s next.

On a different note. Who wore it better?

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