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Sweet post on The Oatmeal that makes me think about the mental and emotional pieces people bring into their fitness program.

There is a lot of thought and energy that goes into this fitness thing. Most of it is put in outside of the gym. I am constantly surprised and intrigued by what motivates, undermines, and confounds the success of athletes at XCF. So many folks are constantly in search of “THE” answer yet they are currently full of information that they aren’t putting into practice.

“Should I be eating chia seeds?”

“What do you know about deer antler velvet?”

“How much coconut oil is too much coconut oil?”

“Robb Wolf says rendered bacon fat is good for fertility.”

Take a break from the information overload. Take the good stuff that you know and start doing it. ALL OF THE TIME. Sleep more. Drink more water. Eat more protein. Drink less soda. Don’t drink any soda at all. Consume less sugar. No sugar. More vegetables. Ignore the naysayers. Stop taking pictures of your food. Don’t post your bloody hand photos on Facebook.

You know at least one good thing to do that you aren’t doing. Do it. A lot. Then read a new blog post and we can chat about it.

Check out that Oatmeal post again.

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