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One of the coolest things about my job is that I not only get to help people create change in their lives but I get to help people help other people create change in their lives. Some of the ways this happens are super obvious like helping someone get fitter and they bring their spouse or their boyfriend into the gym. Another one that I see often is people making some major lifestyle changes after starting to exercise like dietary or sleep changes and their new habits bleed into their workplace or inspire others in their household to make some powerful changes. One that isn’t as obvious but high on my list of awesome influence is when athletes in the gym move, inspire, and teach other athletes in the gym. The trainers at XCF do their best to help everyone in the gym get better at everything. This is tough. Getting good at everything is quite a feat. It is tougher when you are trying to do it for 2-15 people at a time. What is even tougher though is that everyone not only learns a little differently but everyone is skilled a little differently. Teaching double unders to our members of the tribe is totally different than teaching them to Kevin. It is tough for me in both cases because I am much further removed from sucking at it than many other people. This is not a boast. This is a problem. Once you can do double unders well it is a little tougher to remember exactly what made them so hard and therefore exactly what is needed to help someone who doesn’t quite get it yet. What I love to see in the gym though is someone asking another athlete who is only one rung higher on the ladder for an assist. It isn’t that I or any other trainer at XCF can’t help but there is something to be gained from someone who just recently made the connection that you are trying to make. It is   great that XCF is full of folks who are willing to take the time. In the past week I have seen athletes helping other athletes with pull ups, double unders, wall ball, box jumps, rowing, back squats, snatches, push jerks, push presses, and kettle bell swings. It is wonderful. You guys know I don’t like bad movement and I love when I see members or our community stepping up to correct it as well. On the same day last week at two different classes I was helping some one with a movement and I saw Clancy and Rifkin watch athletes row poorly and they both stopped what they were doing to help those athletes be more efficient. Ian helped Quentin with his pull ups. Kevin helped Rob with box jumps. JP helped Jeff get more out of his bench press and Charles got his own wife through fight gone bad. It is awesome to see so many people helping so many others become a slightly better version of themselves one rep at a time. Thank you guys for continually helping to make XCF the best fitness community in Seattle.

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