Part 2 Day 2

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So I am a day late with my day 2 part two recap. I guess if you want to get technical I am 16 days late with the recap but you guys are such a forgiving and generous bunch I am certain our relationship can withstand this. Speaking of generous I want to thank all of the folks who have purchased an XCF t-shirt. We have raised around $300 for the kids already. Huge thanks to everyone and double thanks to all of the folks who bought two shirts.

The second workout of the second day of the regional competition was a four-person chipper. Irvine, Blaze, Nimz, and Jonesy were warmed up, chalked up, fired up, and ready to blow the roof off of that arena. The workout was 250 chest to bar pull ups, followed by 250 kettlebell swings, then 250 double unders, and ending with 250 overhead squats. Only one athlete could be working at a time, and the exercises had to be completed in order. The XCF team had no fears going into the first three movements because all four athletes are strong in them. OHS though was a wild card. It is no secret that Nimz has never received anything more than participation ribbon for her overhead squats and Jonesy has a shoulder that still isn’t back to full health. CI was our ace in the hole though. There is a rumor that he once did 95# overhead squats for 48 hours straight once.

The workout kicked off and Blaze led the team with a long set up pull-ups. The team fell into an easy rotation with each athlete doing 5-10 reps. The transitions were smooth and fast. The ladies on the team were nervous about not getting high enough to meet the strict judging standards so they decided to go uterus to bar instead. Nimz was getting so high on a few of her reps it looked like she was trying to do bar muscle ups.

The team moved onto the swings. 3 team members picked up a decent tempo on swings and handled the transitions well. Blaze on the other hand was doing something a little different. By a little different I mean to convey that Blaze was swinging the kettle faster than a kettlebell has ever been swung in America. Once on the island of Victoria in British Columbia an athlete swung a kettlebell faster but aside from that isolated incredible incident there has never been nor may there ever be a weight moved with such ferocity. It was barely even a swing. There were points when the bell was crashing into the ground before he muscle snatched it back overhead.

Swings completed it was time to move onto double unders. Few people know this but the gangsters of fitness that call XCF home happen to kick ass at all things jump rope. Every team member is capable of 100 consecutive double unders. Of course the athletes had already completed 500 reps of other exercises but that was not enough to stop them. Athletes were doing rapid sets of 30-50 with fast transitions to knock the double unders out in record time.

CI was our resident overhead squat specialist so he was doing long sets while the other team members were doing 5-10 reps. Let’s be honest and say this is where the workout took a definite turn. Nimz missed her first overhead squat and then ground out a very slow 5 reps. Jonesy wasn’t setting speed records either but she was holding it together well enough. Blaze is not known around these parts as an overhead squat champion but apparently he was still fired up from the swings because he blew us away with some rapid reps. CI brought it home though with fast and beautiful reps that actually had spectators around us commenting on how beautifully he moved. The squats were never ending though. The XCF team just couldn’t keep up with the other amazing teams in our region. One by one teams started to finish the workout. We were in the fastest of the three heats due to our position in the ranks so it was no surprise but it was also heart wrenching. The time cap was inching up and CI finished the workout with almost 20 consecutive reps and only 10 seconds to spare. The last five reps of the workout were so painful spectators were groaning and cheering in conjunction with every completed rep. We came in just under the time cap but we took 16th in the workout. Between our 10th place finish in the morning and our 16th place finish in the afternoon workout we dropped considerably in the ranks. We finished the day in 8th. It was enough to make the day three cutoff but it was a less than inspiring finish to our second day. I was so proud of our team though. We were outgunned but all 5 of my guys left it all on the competition floor that day. I couldn’t have asked for more.

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