Papa[less kid] needs a new pair of shoes

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Over two years ago my wife and I visited South Africa for the first time with my wife and we spent some time at Kwethu Children’s Village in Loskop. It was easy to fall in love with those kids and it was almost inevitable that we would stay connected with them and everyone involved in the project in some capacity. When we got back to the states we decided that Xplore CrossFit would remain connected through financial contributions and the 5% Project was born. 5% of the membership dues received by XCF go to support awesome philanthropic causes. So far we have supported orphans in South African, farmers and health care workers in Nicaragua, disadvantaged students in Rainier Valley, and wounded veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

At the end of 2011 I asked you guys to step up in a big way to provide additional support so that we could send a huge Christmas gift to the kids in SA. They love soccer and hardly any of them get to play with proper gear. Two years ago we took tons of cleats down and it went over in a huge way. The kids have grown and the cleats have worn out to a degree that we rarely see here. On our second visit we saw cleats that had literally been worn smooth on the bottom. Why wear cleats with no spikes? The kids think it is better than no shoes at all I guess.

Folks donated hundreds of dollars to the cleat cause and with the help of Leslie’s husband Sean and his sweet contacts we were able to get an awesome discount on cleats which allowed us to send 25 pairs of shoes that arrived the day after Christmas. I love the generosity that is so consistently displayed by the members of our community. XCF is not only home to the fittest people in Washington but we might be the most compassionate as well. Deadlifts certainly build muscle and character.

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