One of the [C]ates

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Melissa Cate commutes further to work than you do. Probably by a good margin. She works more hours than you do. She is also back in school working on a graduate degree in something nerdy. She has all of the other stuff too like a spouse and kids in sports. And when I say kids in sports I mean one of her kids is the 20th ranked gymnast in the United States. Some nights her husband doesn’t come home. Don’t feel bad for her. He is busy saving lives. He is a firefighter. Don’t be too impressed though because those guys work like 4 days a month. Two reasons why you probably don’t know much if any of that stuff. First because many of  just aren’t taking the time to really get to know the people you are working with. That is ok. We are all here to first and foremost to do something for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that. Own it in fact. The second reason you don’t know how much Cate has going on is because you would never guess someone with that much on their plate could be so happy when she walks in the door, so focused on the training while she is in the gym but still fully engaged with anyone who takes a moment to chat with her. I dig it. Most of you I see for just an hour a day but I learn a lot in that hour. It is amazing to hear how much folks are doing outside of the gym and it is nothing short of a miracle that many of you find the time but you do and it is awesome. When I see people like Cate getting stuff done in and outside of the gym it demonstrates the potential we have if we just decide something is within our grasp. There is no excuse for not taking the time to pursue health, wellness, fitness, whatever you want to call it. Make a plan. Take a step. Do something and preferably something you enjoy because you will stick with it longer. If you can’t do something you like do it with someone you like. If know someone who doesn’t like anyone or anything bring them to XCF. Everybody likes us. How could they not?

5 Comments on “One of the [C]ates”

  1. The woman doesn’t know the word “can’t”! So much admiration for all that she does….although I may be biased since she’s my sis!!

    1. Uh, thats great, mom. Tell her to lock her elbows and shoulders out. Aside from that, everything looks fine..

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