One more is a lot more…sometimes

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After you have been doing this CrossFit thing for a while you stop making the crazy gains. Your deadlift doesn’t go up 10k per week and you don’t PR every single time you come into the gym. If you don’t understand the nature of change as it pertains to human performance than this can be discouraging. Even if you do understand it you still might get discouraged from time to time. 1k on your press in a 6 month period is awesome after you have been doing it for a few year. 5k on a back squat in a year calls for a celebration after 10 years under the bar. It is relative though. Sometimes 1 seems like a lot. First muscle ups are a big deal. Lots of women remember their first unassisted pull up. It is up to you how you look at it. Today Erin and I brought home another kid. 1 more seems like a lot. 100% more children. That is a lot more child. 1 more can be a whole heck of a lot depending on how you look at it.


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  1. I agree with KD. In Crossfit terms: having one kid is like working out once a day. It’s totally doable, easy to fit the other pieces of life around it. Two kids is like switching to two-a-day workouts: takes a lot more out of you and there are times where you say to yourself “Why did I go for two? What was I thinking?”. Three+ kids and you’d better be the Rich Fronning/Annie Thorisdottir of parents…

    That said, watching and helping your kids grow…way bigger payback than any workout.


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