OJ Simpson ain’t got nothin on me and the Kid

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I have only been away from the gym for a few days and I already miss you guys. Sitting on a beach with the Kid in a bikini eating fish tacos is helping me deal with the pain though. I never thought I would find a chick with a belly so attractive but I have to admit she just may be the hottest woman here. Getting here was quite an ordeal and it started with some lactate endurance training right out of the gate. Our ride to the airport overslept so we were not off to a good start.  We were flying on different planes for reasons that are unimportant to the story. We had to sprint through SeaTac airport to get Erin to her plane on time. Whilst I was waiting to board another flight I purchased a side of chicken from a restaurant in the food court and sat down to eat it. I happened to sit at a table adjacent to a woman who signed up for personal training with me last year. She started off so well buying three months of one on one training right out of the gate. She had a long way to go but she was super motivated and I was excited to take this journey with her. After two weeks she started missing appointments. She would schedule, confirm, and then no show or late cancel. I wouldn’t hear from her for a week and then I would email and get a prolix response about life changes and doctors orders yadda yadda… We would make plans and then she would break plans. It was like a bad relationship. In fact it was exactly that, a bad relationship. One of the cool and important things about training is the relationship. Coach and athlete enter into a relationship that involves trust, accountability, respect, and expectations of the other party.  You expect me to advise, instruct, motivate, protect and plan. I expect you to show up, perform, listen, learn, and comply. If we both do our parts we both get what we want and everyone is happy. It doesn’t always go that way and it is sometimes my fault. More often than not though people don’t want to hold up their end of the bargain. Like this woman I saw in the airport. While I was eating chicken with a side of chicken she was eating fish and chips and drinking a soda. I am certain she is at least 10 pounds heavier than when I saw her last. We didn’t speak at all. I am sure she saw me but I wasn’t in the mood to hear whatever story was certain to follow. There are enough people who want to see change and I am going to invest my energy in them. In fact I am in Costa Rica right now and I just finished responding to athlete emails about a variety of topics and I don’t mind taking a break from the sun to do it because I love you guys. I really do. We have a great relationship. At least I think we do. If we don’t let’s talk about it because it is only through the give and take of that relationship that we are going to be successful together.

Bonus airport WOD.

The first leg of our trip was down to Palm Springs for a big fat gay jewish wedding. It was epic. We flew out of LAX to continue our journey to Costa Rica. We got our second lactic endurance training workout in as many days because we got lost on the way to the rental car return lot. We had to beg our way through the security line and then run to the furthest gate in all of LAX with all of our luggage because we didn’t have time to check anything.  It was awesome. I was so proud of my wife. 6.6 months pregnant and sprinting like an Olympian. She actually hurdled some old lady who had fallen down. Before you go judging my wife I should tell you that the lady didn’t actually fall down but was more shoved to the ground as a large black man who sprinted through the airport in order to catch a flight that he was running late for. Pearl of wisdom for folks who like to get their mobility wod on while they are on an airplane. It makes many people uncomfortable.

I plan to do the sectional wod while I am here but it is going to be a challenge. Of course it couldn’t be double unders and burpees or swimming in the Caribbean Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in the same week. It had to be 75k squat clean and jerks. Not every B and B that says they have “fitness amenities” means the same thing that I am thinking when I hear the word fitness. Even when someone says “garage gym” as a CrossFitter I still have reason to get excited but this just won’t do…

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