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Everyone is chasing somebody in here. No one is the best at everything. That is a helpful truth if you can accept it. I promise you that while you are banging your head against the wall about your double unders someone who hasn’t missed a double under in their life is wondering why they can’t run as fast as you can. Consider that you are the worst at everything. It may take you a while to be as good as me but maybe just maybe it will take you half as long. We all want to be better now. If we consider how far we have come from our first day then it is true that we are better now and if just keep going we will continue to be our best. You better believe that Kevin wasn’t stoked about his performance in the video above but I can honestly tell you that I wish had Kevin’s lungs. Clancy didn’t do as many reps as the men but if I could run as fast and far as Clancy that would be a dream. Trust the training and keep moving forward. You are good at some stuff, getting better at lots of stuff and some day you will be great and many things. On that day I bet you will want more than you’ve got so right now just run your own race.

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  1. I challenge anyone in the gym to 18 holes of golf, 100m backstroke, a 2k row & a debate about Reaganomics…

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