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My computer, Apollonia,  is sick and after an hour at the genius bar they decided to admit her. I pulled out my old friend April to try and get some work done. I made a mistake opening iPhoto to locate a picture to go with the post I was working on because I ended up just wasting a bunch of time looking at pictures that I haven’t seen in quite a while. While this wasn’t the intended topic of this post it is pertinent. I can’t really say the trip down memory lane was a total waste of time because I found some sweet photos.

What get’s in the way of you getting your stuff done? At least twice a month someone walks into the gym and signs up for a membership without hearing who we are and what we do. They saw it on ESPN. It is the answer to their problems and they are motivated for change. I might see one of them ever again. What happened? They had a plan. They spent the money. Stuff happened. There is always stuff. Stuff is endless, interesting, important, irrelevant, invasive, and unrelenting. Today my stuff was a doctors appoint, the apple store, and a useless rabbit trail of nostalgic photographs. We have to manage our stuff. It isn’t going away so we have to learn to deal. I love the above picture because Clancy is getting her shit done. Layla is about 8 weeks old and it is time for mama to get back to business. Life stuff isn’t going to stop for everything else. You have to figure out how to get the important stuff done in the face of the urgent stuff. You decide every moment of your day what you do and do not have time for.

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