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The other day I did something super lame. I was in the gym getting jacked while a class was going on and I was intermittently watching people train. I wasn’t teaching that day so I kept my mouth shut. You know, like I usually do in most situations. I noticed part of the way through the workout that some folks weren’t doing their work at the level that I thought they should be. After it was over they were discussing the session and I sidled up to them all douchey like and said “well maybe if you were …bla bla bla…asinine…blaggety bla…I am an a-hole!” What I was going for was “hey man you can and should be better.” What came out was “you just got done doing your best and while I noticed quite a while ago there was a way for you to improve I kept it to myself until the end so that you could leave here feeling defeated and like your workout was somehow invalid.” 48 ounces of lame sauce on my part. One of the things I need to be continually on guard for is opportunities to allow people to be as awesome as I expect them to be. XCF is full of awesome folks who generally only need a nudge in the direction of champion effort and they will give it. I can’t wait until the end to tell someone how to be better. I missed 100 opportunities to help someone improve. Every rep I let go by uncorrected isn’t a rep wasted but it is certainly a rep that wasn’t used to achieve maximal awesomeness. I share this because we all have an opportunity to pull the best out of each other. Help your fellow athletes be more everyday by holding them to the highest possible standard. But don’t be lame about it.

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