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As much as I want to believe that everyone is up to date on everything that I say, think, and do Donkey is great at bringing me back to reality and reminding me that I have to actually tell people stuff for them to know it. With this hypothesis firmly in mind I am going to share a few things with you that you probably already knew

First and most aweome

WE MOVED! We are in our own sweet location at 1223 Western Ave. Just off the corner of Western and University and right across the street from the foot of the Harbor Steps. The location is amazing. If you haven’t been in yet put it at the top of your list and make sure when you put it on your list that you also put “have mind blown today” because you will kill two birds with one stone. Your mind will indeed be blown. We actually keep a mop bucket right by the front door just to clean up the endless barrage of blown minds. It is disgusting but totally worth it.

Second and nearly as awesome

We are adding beginner classes. The new class is called Fundamentals. It is an intro course the CrossFit. If you want to join the awesome parade this is the way. It is Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. It is $180 for four weeks. Once you finish fundamentals you are all set to start kicking ass and learning names in any of our group classes. I recommend the 11am class. The folks aren’t generally as strong as the 7 or the 5 but they are super nice.

Third and not awesome at all

The paleo challenge is finally over. It ended amidst the moving of the gym so it was a little lackluster and for that I apologize. We were on a bit of a deadline and we got so busy moving things, fixing things, and trying to get our lights on we let some things fall through the cracks. The winners and final updates will be coming to you soon.

Fourth and maybe even more awesome than the second thing.

We had 7 athletes compete at the Reebok Northwest Regional this past weekend. 3 days of grueling task. I competed as an individual competitor and finished in 5th. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that everything hurts right now. I actually won two of 6 events and PR’d on my snatch by 16 pounds.  XCF also sent a team of 3 men and 3 women to compete in the team competition and we made it to the final event. Our team finished tied for 11th out of the top 30 teams from 6 states. Just to get to this level was an honor and to perform so well was nothing short of amazing. We went in seeded 27th. Our guys and gals put on quite a show this weekend. A longer regional report along with lots of photos will be coming this week.

That is all of the news I have for now. Now that we are just about settled in our new home we are getting back to business as usual plus a little extra awesomeness. I am super excited to grow our fitness community so get the word out that we are rocking and rolling in some new digs and ready to cement Seattle as the fittest city of all time.

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  1. Jordan-
    Great effort at Regionals. Nice job on 2 & 3. Keep up the good work. Onward!

    Diego Da Lan

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