Musclebound broads

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A common question from female lifters is “will my arms get huge?” It is not a dumb question. If dudes want to get big they lift big weights. It would follow that if a woman lifts big weights she will get big too. That might be true if the first statement were a fact. Getting bigger muscles involves lifting big things but it does not follow that by lifting big things you will get big muscles. Simple evidence of this would be all of the dudes in a typical gym who are lifting big things who don’t have big muscles. Another evidence of this would come from how many other things the dudes with the big muscles do besides lift big weights. My favorite example though is in the proof that CrossFit women generally provide in their physiques. There was a CrossFit competition this weekend at Stoneway CrossFit. 4 teams from XCF competed among a host of athletes from all over Seattle.  While there will be a smorgasbord of strong ladies there will invariably be a glut of burliness in the ranks of the female contenders. Trust that your gender, intake, and incentives are not aligned with huge arms. Strong is the new sexy. Lift heavy ladies. And repeat.

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