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brian lee rhspu

“If humans could fly, we’d consider it exercise and never do it.”

The Samurai started crawling today. She isn’t very good at it but it still blew my mind. I was just about to give up on her ever learning to locomote when she started grunting her way through some Christy Brownish version of a crawl. It got me thinking about what a miracle it is that we are capable of so much. We are so incredibly gifted and yet we let so much of our gifting go unutilized. So much of what I observe in the world leads back to exercise but if I sit with it long enough it moves back to the broader themes of life. There is a time when the ability to move our bodies was worthy of a photo shoot and then over time we ultimately become despondent with not only the ability to move our bodies but requirement that we move them to keep them working well.  Maybe it’s deadlifts and box jumps or it might be bike commuting. Maybe it’s just a dance party in your living room to the song Happy by Pharrel over and over and over and over and over and over again. I don’t really care what it is as long as it is something. Just move.

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