MOTY (noun) mo-tee, most awesome at XCF

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It is the most wonderful time of the year. It is at least one of the top 4 most wonderful times of the year. It isn’t because relatives have all left town after thanksgiving and there is a brief respite before in-laws invade again for Christmas. It isn’t because Jesus’ birthday is just around the corner and we have yet another excuse to eat ham and pie at every meal. I am pretty sure Jesus had a birthday ham every year right on Christmas day.  It isn’t even because we are just weeks away recommitting to a list of goals that we will fail to keep. It is none of those things. It is time to select our very first MEMBER OF THE YEAR! That’s right folks. Member of the year! We are going to have us a good old-fashioned popularity/awesomeness contest. It will be complete with an awards ceremony and some sweet ass prizes.  We have a new website dedicated to the process where there will be sweet updates every week. We are going to open the polls pretty soon and let the world speak in order to determine who our first champion is going to be. Check out the new MOTY site.

Each of our nominees has submitted a written testimonial. Check them out. We will be putting up photos, videos, and other cool stuff on our nominees to help you make your decision.  Don’t let Kevin buy your vote. I encourage you to let George buy your vote and then I encourage you to vote for someone else to spite him.

12 Comments on “MOTY (noun) mo-tee, most awesome at XCF”

  1. Wait, wait, WAIT!!!
    Who gets to pick the nominees? As the best and most experienced athlete at the gym I am shocked I tell you, shocked that I am not on the list. Having read some of the profiles, this sounds more like a JHo ass kissing competition. If that is the case then I refuse to participate but if you choose to make this a true crossfit competition with times and weights posted, I assure you I will dominate. Besides, I don’t even know who any of those people are.

      1. Sorry Rex, loved your profile and you definitely have my vote. At least until the outrage of the XCF community demands my inclusion.

  2. Rosa, I may be forced to post some videos demonstrating my awesome crossfit skills. Your editing may be required.

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