Most vs Now

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In the gym and in life I find that people often get distracted from what they want most, by what they want right now. I know I am guilty of this as well. Should I train today? How hard should I go if I do? What about Star Wars? It has been out for 10 hours already and I haven’t seen it yet. We have this conversation with ourselves on a regular basis. There is that thing we really want. That big hairy audacious goal, as my man, JC likes to call it, and the thing in front of us that will not move us any closer and possibly move us further away. And I am not just talking about visible abs, and smaller pants. That thing might be a new job. Owning your own home. Or being debt free. Whatever your big thing is you are daily going to be faced with the question of whether to take one baby step towards it, or to take an immediately gratifying, but ultimately sideways or backwards step toward something else. Not eating cake for a few months doesn’t sound as fun as eating cake right now. Continuing your daily morning coffee and scone ritual to stay on a budget doesn’t sound as fun as adding an extra $100/month into your savings account. This is the path though. It is one good decision after another. Each individual decision may not carry the immediate gratification of the alternative but there is a reason that big hairy audacious goal looms so big and powerful for us in the future. Sitting in your own kitchen will generate much more powerful memories than the coffees you skipped. The promotion you finally landed will feel so much better than the hours of Netflix you skipped to get more sleep and wake up sharper every day. And don’t even get me started on how good you look and feel in those jeans. Totally worth it. So remind yourself why you chose that impossible goal. The one that will be harder than you thought and take longer than you thought. You chose it for a reason and we need to remember why we chose it so that the next time the “right now” thing comes along we have the resolve to commit to our most important thing.

What is your big hairy audacious goal? Leave a comment and make it public.



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