Mission [in]process

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Xplore CrossFit is like one of those real businesses with a tax id number and stuff. We even have a mission statement. If you know what it is you are amazing. If you don’t it is my fault. I won’t keep you waiting any longer. “Build a fitness driven community for anyone desiring to look, move, feel, or live better through professionally guided training.” The guided training piece is an important one. This is not a place to come and catch a beating. This is a place to come and learn. This is a place to get coached. This is a place to grow among fellow athletes in an individual way along a similar path. I am proud of the trainers at XCF. They all have one thing in common that makes for an exceptional teacher. They care. A lot. Listen to them. Learn from them. Experience changes in your fitness under their care and then spread the word. Something awesome is happening at XCF and it is very intentional.

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