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I really wanted to win regionals this year. Newsflash: I didn’t. After the last event my plan was to go outside and cry for a bit. I was well on my way to do this when I realized that I didn’t come to this thing alone and it would be selfish of me to run straight to my personal fortress of solitude. Not only did someone drive me to regionals but at least a dozen other folks took hours and even days out of their holiday weekend to support the folks of XCF. In my own mind I didn’t do much worth celebrating but that was irrelevant. An army of supporters were proud of me and I owed it to them to allow them to tell me so. The hugs and the high fives were sincere and received with gratitude. While I was alone on the workout floor I wasn’t alone during the months of preparation. Athletes in the gym respected my training needs. My wife and daughter got less of me while needing to give me more so I could focus. Cooking, shopping, cleaning, midnight feedings were all undertaken behind the scenes so I could work or even rest as needed. Phone calls, tet messages, facebook updates all pushing me toward the goal have been valuable on this journey. My I get so much love as an athlete it is ridiculous. I got stopped at the gas station the other day by a guy who just wanted to tell me that he enjoyed my “performance” at regionals.
Who is in your corner? Do they know how much you appreciate it? Someone somewhere is listening to your muscle up story again and hating it as much as the last time and not telling you they hate it. Someone is putting up with your food issues as you make 13 substitutions at a restaurant that has “no substitutions” printed on the menu. We are hard to deal with as a community but there is at least one person in your life who makes it seem easy. They put up with crap. They show up to your events, cheer for you, and wash your sweaty shorts after you lose. Make sure the ones who allow you to keep coming back know that you appreciate it.

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