Losing bigger

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The other day I was doing some power cleans and burpees between sets of watching the biggest loser. I try to tune in regularly to see how Anna K is going to Leo elevate my game as a trainer. Get ready XCF because we are going to be cardio kickboxing our asses off. Anyhow I can only watch it in short spurts so during my rest periods I like to lift. This session was anaerobic alactic endurance so I would watch five min of the show and then do 25 sec of work. During one of my viewing sets I had my mind blown in a new way. Each contestant Had their favorite meal brought out and the game was to guess how many calories were in each one. Two men both chose cheeseburgers the caloric content of which was revealed to be around 2500 calories. The woman in the group chose enchiladas, beans, rice, and a trash can lid full of corn chips and salsa. Her meal turned out to be 4500 calories. One of the dudes in his side interview was critical of the fact that a person would consume that much food that they don’t need. SERIOUSLY?! The pot is calling the kettle fat?! I couldn’t believe that one 400 pound person was insulting another 400 pound person for their poor food choices. A second later though I realized this is typical human behavior. We are all broken in some way and in need of saving. I can sit at home and criticize the contestant for his blindness while blind to the incongruent nature of my own life. Is her compulsion to eat in a manner that is leading to an early death any worse than my compulsion to use caustic humor in EVERY situation? I compound my faults by treating my shortcomings as if they are less in some way thereby making me the judge of others. In the gym we are all at different stages and there is no place in a healthy community for attitudes like I described. We are all works in progress. No better or worse. Just different. In fact the most important thing is what we have in common and that is our recognition of brokenness and our desire to achieve better through a community of individuals pursuing better just like us.

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    1. I appreciate that you appreciate it but what is with the “actually.” Are you saying that you don’t particularly care for what I usually say?

  1. Truth and wisdom. Inspiring. Uplifting. Encouraging. Thank you. CrossFit is better than Girl Scouts when I was a kid.

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