Let’s do lunch…well actually dinner

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Quickie in Zimbabwe from Jordan Holland on Vimeo.

September was in insane month at XCF. Thanks to some clever marketing we have starting to attract a new demographic. There are now four, that’s right, FOUR negroes in the gym. If you felt at all uncomfortable with my use of the word negroes wait until you show up to a class and we are all there at the same time. Some of you experienced this last night and I will admit that the “black power” cheer seemed over the top. That was only until Nimzi and Stroh tried to rally the group for a “white power” cheer. That is when the party really started. Inspired by all of the blackness back home we set forth on an incredible journey. You probably forgot already but september was also when your two favorite trainers went to the dark continent, which it turns out is not called the dark continent because of the skin color of it’s natives, for two weeks to do a little good for those less fortunate that us. It was an awesome trip and we have yet to get the chance to share the stories, pictures, and video with many of you. There is still more. On September 10, 2007 was the day this craziness all kicked off. XCF is 3 years old now. This calls for a celebration. I am thinking of a meat heavy shindig in the gym with a sweet ass slide show documenting the 3 year journey and also all of the amazingness that was our two weeks in Africa. Friday October 22nd let’s get together and celebrate and share. Everyone who has ever picked up something heavy at XCF is invited as well as anyone who did or gave anything to make the 5% project and our trip to africa a huge success. Bring some paleo friendly or not so paleo friendly treats to share. We will share some food, swap some stories and celebrate what we have all been a part of creating over the past three years with emphasis on the past year which has seen some remarkable changes. Post thoughts, ideas, or RSVP to comments. I hope lots of folks can make it. I am thinking we will get rolling around 530 and do the laser show at 630.
Above is one of the WOD videos we shot while we were away. We made efforts to keep it pretty simple when it came to equipment. I miscounted burpees in the first round but I attribute it to altitude sickness. I wish I knew a better video editor, rex, who could lay down a sweet soundtrack, rex, and some titles for me, rex. Oh vell. It is my first. I will get better. All of the best videos are of Irvine. Teaser: Helen with a 6 year old orphan named Mfundo in place of the kettlebell.

4 Comments on “Let’s do lunch…well actually dinner”

  1. I’ll fire up the Big Green Egg and do some grilled vegies, pork tenderloin and flank steak. Paleolicious.

  2. Mfundo is my favorite orphan.

    And if I could be there on the 22nd I would, with paleo cocoa babies in hand.

    Thank you XCF for all you did for me last year, and for your wonderfully strong trainers who helped me learn how to have fun with a broken leg and not just sit at home in a dark basement reading Twilight crying myself to sleep.

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