Leave your thing AND the cannoli

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You know, cause it’s not paleo.

A few months ago I started to have serious hip pain. It got so bad that I couldn’t squat without pain, running was a horror show, and anything that required me to move fast in any direction was limited. It escalated and then my back went out. I went to see a massage therapist because regionals was coming up and I was going to need to be able to do squats and maybe row a bit. He told me I was probably try to do too much and that while he could help me a little that day I would probably need a lot more help, and that I should take some time off.  That wasn’t the right answer so I took my massage, left the bad advice with the front desk girl and went back to the gym. Training continued to go poorly so I went to see Dr. Eisen. As our resident physical therapist and a competitive athlete himself he would understand. He would see my need for ongoing training and provide a simple and life changing solution. It would probably only take 30 minutes as well. After 75 minutes and some shouting he said I needed to come back in quite a bit more and that I should consider skipping the competition all together. I told him I didn’t need a mother I needed a patch job. He said he would do his best but that as my friend and care provider that he thought it was a bad idea. UGH. I used to think that guy was a genius. I went back to the gym. Things were still sucking a the gym though so I went to see an acupuncturist. She has worked miracles on several of our athletes. Maria is a goddess with needles is what they all said. If the weak massage therapist, and my former physical therapist couldn’t fix me then Maria would work her “eastern bloc meets far east medicine” magic on me. (that should totally be on her business card by the way) Believe it or not that hater of all things elite told me to shut it down for a bit. I had more things going wrong than she had time to fix in a single session and that if I kept going it was going to get a lot worse before it gets better. CRAZY TALK! I don’t know why I went to see that hippy witch doctor in the first place.

Fast forward a few months. I didn’t die at regionals. I think we can all agree that I didn’t really impress anyone either. So were they wrong? Was a patch job all I needed? It depends on how you look at it. Today I am working through tendonitis in one knee, a wrist thing, a hand thing, my hip thing is gone, my foot thing finally healed up, and my back thing is totally gone. I can’t remember the last time I was training at 100% and living totally pain free. Some would say that at a certain level of performance you are always going to be working through something. Maybe that is true but how would we, those at that level and those who just think they are, ever know it because we don’t ever take a break to see if things will get better. It is tough to  take a break. Tough to sit on the sidelines and heal. Recovery feels disgustingly like being lazy. That is the opposite of why we chose CrossFit in the first place. We don’t do lazy. We do deadlifts, and push ups, and quadruple unders. We run fast, far, and often but only if we break it up with pull ups and wall ball shots. That doesn’t mean we should. What my slow and prolix diatribe is heading toward is the notion that we don’t have to wait for the wheels to fall off to take a break. In fact in continuation of the analogy it is much harder to get the car in for service once the wheels have actually fallen off. Show your body some love. Fix your broken crap. I am not talking about your weakness. I can help you with that. I am talking about back, ankle, knee, arm, neck thing. Whatever your thing is and I am sure you have one. Have somebody look at it. They might tell you it is nothing and to get back at it. They may tell you to take a break or they may just say take it a little easier but if they can make your thing not be a thing anymore everything we are trying to do together will get better faster. Stop letting your thing slow you down.

That being said I have too much stuff to do to take a break. Do as I say, and only mostly as I do.

2nd best physical therapist in the Northwest.

2nd best acupuncturist in the Northwest.

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  1. Thanks for this very timely post! Now I don’t feel so guilty resting to heal my torn quad….and catching up on Gossip Girl. 😉

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