Learn to relax awesomely

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What is the point of going on vacation if you aren’t going to do the stuff you love in a cooler place? I would go to the moon just to do bigger box jumps and snatch more weight. I am kidding. The moon is for punks. I would rather go to jupiter because the gravitational forces are way higher and I would come back with adamantium tough bones and the sickest deadlift. Anyhow I just wanted to give a congrats to Jonesy for putting it down while she is away. Water carries up the stairs, lunges, and double unders. She is going to come back with a brown and sculpted booty for sun and stairs. I can’t wait.

Working out on vacation is tough. I don’t know if it is the lack of normal routine, the abundance of more interesting options, or the general over consumption leading to lethargy that is the most limiting factor. It is probably a combination of all three. Often we try to make it too complex. We need to find a gym and if we wanted a barbell and they only have db then we get totally derailed. Why not dig into your toolkit a bit and dust off some of your favorite gymless weaknesses like high rep and/or high speed burpees? Running is always a good one. Run faster than usual or do repeats up a hill. I found a 100m sand dune in South Africa that was at least 80 or 90% grade and I ran up it 5 or 6 times. It was a very sad afternoon for me. Erin just took pictures of seagulls eating crabs. She had more fun but that isn’t the point. The point of this amazing story is that there is a way to get work done anywhere. All we need to do is move something. I bet you aren’t accepting any awards for your prowess at pistols. Start there.

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  1. It’s always fun seeking out a gym in a strange new place. There was the stinky, hot lil hole in the wall in Mexico and there was the pushy buff Thai personal trainer in Thailand and I’ll never forget the Fit beauty’s in Budapest. Or there’s always the trusty hotel room burpee’s.They never let you down.

  2. Yesterday i ran from the Federales for 9 blocks, through a quinciniera, over two of those walls that are topped in glass shards, crawled through a field of corn and scaled the back wall to my apartment. Called it good. Its pretty humid here so i was sweating plenty and didn’t have time to take off my shirt, but it was a good little sprint.

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