Lean into the awesome

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There are those days when we walk into the gym and we just know we are going to kill it. It doesn’t matter what is on the board. We may not win the workout but we are going to run our own race like a champion. More often than not though I see people walk in the door with a “well at least I am here” face on. Even when the workout is in their wheelhouse they approach the whole thing with an attitude more akin to a colonoscopy than a break from the routine of their day that is adding incredible value to the long term fitness lifestyle to which they have committed. There is another thing that happens though that I want you to take full advantage of. It is the unexpected awesome day. The unexpected awesome day is definitely not an easy day. In fact it is one of the harder days but the opportunity for growth is huge. The unexpected awesome day is the day when you are mid-workout and you realize that you don’t have to slow down or take a break. It is the day when you are doing banded pull ups and you need less band then ever before. Those are the days when you have to lean into the awesome. Go faster on the turns, use less band, pull a 1:45 on the row instead of your usual 2:01. It isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t going to feel good while you are in it. But it isn’t going to move you closer to that thing we are constantly chasing. It is going to make you better. Better is what we are after and when those days come up where you realize you are ARE better you need to grab on and ride that wave because it doesn’t happen everyday and when it does happen you owe it to yourself and all of the work leading up to it not to waste it.

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