Labor day is for…

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…generously giving of your time and money. If you have the day off I highly recommend coming into the gym at 9 and working out. In fact, I think it is so important that you work out at 9 we are only going to have one class on Monday. Guess what time it is going to be? I knew you would get it wrong. It’s 9 silly. One class this Monday and it is at 9am.

After class you should put the family in the car and go buy some fanny packs, funky pens, and chapstick. Stop by Claire’s and get a few sets of earrings while you are at it. I have some more items you can bring in. This a combo of fun stuff for school and such and also things they go through a ton of but don’t have easy access to is for fun handouts for the kids at the orphanage and I encourage you to take it from your children and co-workers because they probably have some extra lying around

Earrings -cheap, used, from the lost and found at work, it doesn’t matter
Fun pens-for crafts and school assignments
Emergen‐C packets
Vitamins(fish oil counts)
Makeup-remember that the kids are brown

8 days until we leave. I am excited to see how much stuff we can gather. Also a few people asked about just giving money. That works well. We will use it to pick up some things on this end as well as shop for things once we get there. Every little bit helps.

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  1. Hi Jordan – Nice pic – she worked hard on Labor Day. Kwissy is AWESOME – I should know…. I’m her mom.

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