Kick ass ladies of XCF plus Erickson (who also kicks ass)

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I love it when chicks show a little extra skin when they are working out. It is especially cool when it is a pregnant belly and the aforementioned chick is hitting her pre-pregnancy shoulder press PR. How cool is it that the ladies of XCF stay so effing strong while they are building new humans.

Rexy crushed the July challenge today. She hit the highest number of unbroken reps in todays workout putting up 16 reps in the first round. Along with having the best overhead position in the gym she is also an incredible cook. She can wrap anything in bacon. ANYTHING. I went to a dinner party and Rex brought bacon wrapped cotton cotton candy and it was delicious.

What is there left to say about Jodi? She is such a barbell gangster I just have to let photos of her being a monster do all of the talking. There more pics of the ladies of XCF crushing workouts this week up on flickr and facebook.

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