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A couple of weeks ago my former coach and ongoing mentor James Fitzgerald came to Seattle to do some teaching. We hosted 3 days of OPEX seminars during which he covered a broad range of topics elevating the thinking and prescriptions and programs of athletes and trainers from the Northwest. I have personally been learning from James for over 5 years now. It has been a long and circuitous journey and each time I encounter him I am reminded just how much more than is to learn. He is one of only a few people that I call Coach. He is 15 years ahead of me on the coaching path and I feel every bit of it each time we meet. It is a powerful and humbling experience. Most days at XCF I am in the teaching role and I can easily forget what it means to be a student. It is challenging and refreshing to be on the other side of the desk. One thing I get reminded of though is how important it is to respect the roles. James and I are both occupy the role of trainer, teacher, athlete, husband, father, business owner, and yet we can’t both be all of them at the same time and most certainly not in the same space. Granted I don’t stop being a father when I come to work but there is a definitely a shift in primary responsibility. When I am working out that is a different space than when I am leading a class. When I move into the role of athlete while James is the role of coach an important thing happens to make that relationship work and be successful. I have to give something up, but I also gain something. I have to let someone else be take the lead so that I can benefit from their insight, wisdom, vision, or even criticism. All of us are students in one space or another. Are you truly turning yourself to the process? How can you be a better student and truly capitalize on everything you have to gain by fully embracing the role?

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